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August 06, 2012


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What a lovely post today! What work are you doing??? The tomatoes are pretty, too bad there are not more of them :) Also, glad you and Chris are catching up in the mornings in such a healthy manner! Off to plan homeschool lessons now....


Wish you were here! We have mountains of big, red tomatoes.I like the purple shirt and look forward to what you are going to do with it. Tell about the part time work.


I think the blue pig cup is nearly 70 years old or maybe older since I don't know where it came from before it was mine.


I love listening to teenagers and their hopes and dreams, all fresh and motivated. If we could capture their enthusiasm and spread it around-we could be so productive!! We are getting tomatoes too!!!

amanda {the habit of being}

love these glimpses into your life!


Love the little peek into the things you are enjoying. And yay for a little bit of extra money, that is always nice :)

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