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July 18, 2012


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Can't wait to see the Annabel! And you modeling it :) Getting a glimpse of you would brighten my day, my friend. Missing you! (Nice Age of Brass & Steam....is it a scarf?)


What a beautiful color. I am always making things a bit bigger too or blocking a bit too aggressively. Glad you were able to add more yarn.


oh, i can't wait to see your finished Annabel on you. i've been meaning to knit myself a black cardi... maybe it is the one??
thanks for your kind comment. the big brother is handling things well, i'm actually quite proud of him!


I adore the colour of your Annabel, can't wait to see it modelled.


Well I do hope you get the kick you need! I love your colorway and I would have done the same thing. Sometimes you just know when to add more :)


If you don't mind my asking, what size Annabel did you make? Are you happy with it? I am working on Annabel in Quince and Co Osprey, Bark and making size 40. I am a medium sized rather thin person, but my bust measurement is about 40. I have gauge, I am just wondering how true to size the pattern is. I want this to fit when I am finished. How many skeins did you use? I ordered 6 but wonder if it will be enough, I want to lengthen mine too. Love the shawl.


Dawn, I made it one size larger than that - I didn't want it oversized like another sweater pattern that I ended up completely frogging. But perhaps I went a bit small? Don't know yet. Will have to block and see.


can't wait for Annabel to make her "debut"!!
I've been such a lazy bum this year---I've tossed stuff in the freezer like crazy---but NO canning (other than the strawberry jam); peaches are just about ready, and I might (MIGHT) breakdown and do some peach jam. If I can get off my lazy derriere!!!


Hi, thank you for your comment on my blog. Here are two links for the elderflower cordial recipe. i'm not using citric acid, only a lot of lemons (I'm adding lemon zetc until the cordial tastes right). I hope it helps.

Food in jars sounds like a great book.


links might be useful....



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