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July 13, 2012


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Ha, and our season is over! Enjoy all the fresh goodness.


Looks good so far! Hoping your getting a little R & R this week.


Looks like you have some lovely produce. Have fun making meals! Jacinta


Looks like a great share. Yum!
Happy weekend :)


Gosh, that box of goodies looks delish! Enjoy it all to yourself! And happy weekend!


Looks like a great start to the season! We left the CSA we had been with for the last few years after a less than stellar experience last year. While we are missing the weekly trips to the farm we are also enjoying trying out a new place too!

Our moment this week is from a sweet, early morning moment with Emma and our kitty.

Have a great weekend!


Gorgeous veggies...enjoy them. Isn't it good to have a few moments to yourself? Dick is in Mozambique for a few weeks on a mission trip, the kids are away on vacation for 10 days and it's quiet here. Do like I do...sew, cook, can veggies and read those books sitting around waiting to be picked up. Have a beautiful weekend and hugs to you.


Perfect way to start the season. Enjoy!

Taryn Oakley

yum! i bet you will eat well this weekend!

Erin @ Wild Whispers

Yum! Looks great!

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