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July 30, 2012


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Yes I am with you on the zucchini looking great on the Chard. I wouldn't have thought it would have been bitter either. Love that bunny capture!
Yeah to finishing a knitting project.


So many wonderful things to enjoy...love the bunny, and yay on the knitting project :)


Such a colourful post. Those sneakers are fantastic! Bet they make you go faster...


Those sneakers look fun! Yummy stuff on your table.


I was just thinking about you yesterday! Glad that you posted. I am amazed that all of that food was gone in one week.....kids! We are making lists and getting ready for the kids to go back. I made Heather's sweet potato dish and YUM!! I need to make more recipes :)


Glad to see you back; I have missed the blog but have also enjoyed seeing my grandson's baby picture day after day.

Pink Ronnie

Oh wow - the little bunny!!! What a lovely surprise that must've been…
Ronnie xo


my goodness that is alot of baking, amazing! and no wonder it was all eaten, it looks so delicious ellen!


What a scrumptious post. I just love all that baking, even though it looks like a lot of hard work. So many bright pops of color in this post. You take beautiful photographs.

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