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June 20, 2012


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My 9yr old son wants a carnivorous plant in the worst way. The first time we went looking for one, they were sold out. He just asked again yesterday and we agreed to do it first thing when we come home from our stay here in D.C. Oh, and that yarn is so pretty. A good knit for waiting is always a plus.


Your rationale for casting on is brilliant! I hope the fly trap plant lives and swallows its flies. My son wanted one as well way back when. I do not think I bought it though...

Tonya - Plain and Joyful Living

Beautiful knitting! and thank you for sharing that book. I am also exploring much more whole foods, vegan, vegetarian meals after finishing up with the 30 day vegan.


how was the vegan course???? I was so tempted to do this---but we were going to be gone so much of the time!
My grandson insisted on a carnivore a couple years ago---and then I happened on a little workshop. Ours was a saracennia (I think)--pitcher plant. they don't actually need to eat insects--but, they can. The coolest thing---you can sort of "dissect" them and see all kinds of junk that have been caught and "consumed"; fascinating things. Hope yours does well!!!


Your knit looks SO beautiful! ♥ I made some gazpacho this week (it's vegan, too). I love the pictures of your avocado pits in the water, I hope you will continue to share as they grow!!!


Ellen, I feel so comforted when I hear of people not finishing all the things they planned for. I guess what really keeps us from following plans is life. And that is a very good thing, right!
I used to grow carnivors when I was a teen, not very successful though. One thing I rember for sure is, that they don't need to eat very often, a small fly every now and then is enough, so maybe that plant was jus not very hungry yet and, as steph mentioned I think they do it other stuff too. So don't give up just now.


Beautiful yarn and beautiful knitting! I just added that pattern to my favorites--will have to try some day.


I love the shawl. And the colorway is gorgeous!
I must say, I enjoyed the irony(?) of a vegan cookbook and a carnivorous plant featured in the same post :)


The Age of Brass and Steam is one of my all time favorite patterns and yours is so pretty.
We had a Venus fly trap a few years ago, but it died a slow death. I can grow anything outside, it's the inside plants that I have trouble with not killing.


I love the colours in the yarn. The pattern is looking very pretty too. Have fun with all those yummy sounding recipes. Jacinta

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