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June 25, 2012


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Hope you get a lot sad to be missing that party for our two favorite graduates!


Hoping you have a few quiet moments in the coming week. Sounds busy!


Welcome to "Motherhood..." but I think you knew that. It's not any slower in retirement when you have very active grands either. Please take a few minutes to yourself in the next week and know that you are in our prayers for a beautiful graduation party and gathering. Thinking of you, hugs and love ya'.....


Enjoy your week!!!


I can relate. I am a homebody and I love having nothing going on :) Enjoy the craziness and soak up every harried minute, they grow up!!!


I SO relate. I've been shuttling children around since 845 this morning and we are finally at our last stop. We won't stop this pace until Friday. Somehow my efforts to simplify keep getting interrupted. I just want to be at home!

simona - artsy ants

i love the photo, the soft colors all of the same hue!

even if it means a detour i often try to make short stops at my house. it gives me some sort of peace, it's odd. so i can understand your feelings about being out and about a lot.


Get lots done this week!!!.....I envy you just being busy at home. We're heading off AGAIN....this time for 10 days working in LWW booth for our mission project group. I can't say it won't be fun---but it'll be work and away from home. This month I've been home exactly 5 days; I'm so ready to be HOME!!!


We had a day like this too just now - I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels edgy without their routine.
I hope you'll find pockets of peace and light in your week, and get it all done easily.

Erin @ Wild Whispers

Have a LOVELY week... Peace and light, Erin

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