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May 23, 2012


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Wednesdays my amazon orders are out of control......and I just received my (used) copy of everlasting meal---can't wait to start it! really wish i was going to be home more in June to do the 30-day vegan workshop----hope you report on it a lot!!! new yarn shops!!! hip hip hooray!!!!!!!!!!


I do so love Tamar's book as well. What fun to hit not one but three yarn stores!


Three yarn stores in one day? Oh Ellen that sounds like the best day and your haul looks so pretty.

MaryBeth Hibbert

Must be wonderful to have a mom who makes herself at home and joins in on adventurous outings. Cherish those moments...they will last forever! Finding new yarn stores is a blessing..have fun visiting them often. Nothing wrong with more stores. Besides, variety is the spice of life. Hugs...

Taryn Oakley

Isn't new yarn so exciting!! Glad you have found some time for yourself this past week!


An Everlasting Meal sounds right up my street - thanks for sharing it.
I cast on an annabel last autumn after seeing Soulemama's lovely yellow one but I have since fallen out of love with the yarn I chose so it is sat (shoulders only) in a basket looking a bit sad.


Glad you found new tell where! I'm saving my knitting for our up-coming, one-way car ride. Probably nothing until then. Trying to read my bible study and bible mainly....I need this in my life most right now!


I have been immersed in the 30 day vegan workshop. It's difficult to meet everyone's tastes in my house. So I am just keeping an open mind and trying new to me dishes :) Three yarn stores would put me in HEAVEN!!! I wish I could have been there.


I say wear whatever you like. That yarn looks amazing. How fun to have three good yarn stores at your disposal. Can't wait to see what project(s) you start.



love that photo, the yarn looks scrumptious (great subtle colours) and I am intrigued by the book, I will have to read Amanda's comments on it. here's my yarn along for this week:


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