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May 02, 2012


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Shirley Ann

Great color for a mans scarf! The socks I finished last week were also supposed to be a Christmas 2011 gift! LOL - oh well. Better late than never.

In answer to your 'stalemate' question re CM. I guess I have just become complacent with the knowledge that I learned in the beginning and have not really dug any deeper. As you know - CM has ALLOT to say on education and the child. Way more than where I left off in my studies of her method. So time to make a concerted effort and keep my brain cells active. I know that there lots of things that I can learn and implement in our homeschool.


Yep, same here.. Somehow time just tends to disappear every now and then. We'll get there in the end :)

amanda {the habit of being}

i think the busyness just comes with this time of year. i feel your pain. hope you find some time to slow down soon. my two older kids read that book and loved it - am sure your sons will too :)

Taryn Oakley

I love that color and it will get done! I have had trouble finding as much time to knit lately... spring seems to bring other duties and by nighttime, I am too tired to get out the needles!


Looks like it will be a favorite.
I stumbled upon your blog and peeked around, what a lovely place you have here. Pinched my heart a little, I used to homeschool my 4 kids and they are now off to school. Seing what you are doing with your family is really wonderfully inspiring.
Hope you don't mind if I stop for a visit again.


Ellen...step back and look at all you do for your family, friends, church plus outside of family projects. No matter how much time the clock allots us, we always are wanting more time. Maybe it's time for all of us, including me, to stop and look at all we do accomplish. Be thankful that we were able to smile today. I'm sure that not getting everything done has anything to do with getting older....hehehe!! Hugs...


I find it so hard to juggle my desire to sew and knit. It seems that the two crafts have an ebb and flow relationship.


Some weeks life just gets too busy with just living so I hear you.
We loved King Arthur and I think y'all will too!
PS- yes, that is a megalodon tooth in my photo.


I've sort of been having one of those weeks, too---I think it's called LIFE. (It does sometimes just get in the way of fun, doesn't it??) It's too hot for a scarf anyway. I'm sure he won't care waiting a few more weeks!!!


Yeah we are leading parallel lives now. This season really annoys me and I try to be patient with and make time for stuff or at least adjust my attitude. Good luck. King Arthur is awesome and you will love it. Of course, I constantly have Carmina Burana running through my head whenever I think about King A.

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