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May 24, 2012


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WOW, Ellen, these dishes look wonderful!!! I'm really sorry I'm not doing this workshop.....will be gone more than home in the next month. Hoping it's repeated again sometime.

no spring chicken

You're doing a great job of promoting this program... everything looks absolutely wonderful!!

Blessings, Debbie


I loved your photos and your honesty. I have been mindful this week with my food, but there have been some animal moments (ha, ha) They are small and I am being flexible. My challenge is I am faced with cooking two dinners a day which I will not do. So I have to think long and hard how to accommodate all. Thanks for the review, I enjoyed it!


Everything looks so good Ellen and like Karen I am glad for your honesty. I had entertained the idea of taking the class, but really didn't want to give up my cheese or yogurt!
Try nutritional yeast on popcorn, oh my!


Looks like you're off to a good start! I'm not brave enough to try this challenge...yet...also trying to liquidate my stock before the move. This is going well, by the way. It's amazing how much we already have in our pantries and freezers!


Nutritional yeast makes a daily appearance in our diet - we love it!! It goes on kale chips, popcorn, in pesto, over pasta, on roasted cauliflower, yup we use it a lot. And sea vegetables are a vegans best friend.

Sounds like the course is going well so far. Looking forward to more of your posts.


Wow, it all looks yummy. Nutritional Yeast? How was it? I love sea vegetables and might have to try the quinoa chili.


Your photography is just beautiful! We had quinoa chili this week too, which my kids sprinkled nutritional yeast on top of. It's very good! And we're having the lemon pasta to celebrate when my big boy comes home from school this weekend. So glad I clicked over here.... I'll be visiting again for sure :)


The pasta looks amazing!!! We're trying that one tonight. :)

Courtney {A Life Sustained}

All those meals look delicious! I've been very curious about this workshop. I feel that our experiences would be similar. Dairy would be a very hard thing for us to give up.

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