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April 12, 2012


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You could make a salad out of the greens! I think they're kind of pretty. Our property is so big that there's nothing to be done about them except to enjoy!

Heather G

Great shots! My boys LOVE dandelions. My husband not so much. I think they're kind of fun. :)


ugghhhh Dandelions! They completely cover a part of our property. It would be fine if there weren't near the house and I didn't have to cut them every two seconds!!
Do tell about those art projects! We could definitely use them.


I have a lovely bouquet of posies my granddaughters picked for me during their visit.....clover, dandelions, some daisy-looking weedy things---and it's beautiful. One person's weed---another's centerpiece!


I just recently read the chapter on Dandelions in the Handbook of Nature Study since our favorite park is overwhelmed with them. Actually, after reading about them, I developed a newfound sense of appreciation. Maybe it's because I love nature....or maybe it's because I'm lazy and don't like yard work and need an excuse to just let them be! :-) Anyway, your photos sure do capture them nicely!

amanda {the habit of being}

i love them. but then i'm of the opinion that lawns should be of a more natural rather than manicured state ;-) unfortunately my neighbors don't agree.


The realist that I am thinks they are just a fact of life. If you can't beat them (which we all know we can't!) then join them!


I love dandelions and had my camera out this morning taking their picture! I consider them a beautiful flower!


Love, love, love them. In fact receive a lovely handful of them from my little man today.

We eat the fresh young leaves and use the flowers to make our salads look beautiful.


We are definitely "those" neighbors and our yard is covered in dandelions. I appreciate their tenacity. There are all sorts of things that you can do with them. I made syrup with them one year and it was pretty good.

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