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March 14, 2012


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Such a cute puppy, Ellen! I have dreams of knitting four bunnies for Easter baskets, but I'm quite certain it won't happen in time :) Feeding 200? What's the occasion?


That puppy is so adorable...the image of a child/adult snuggling this puppy is so comforting. Imagine what children in hospitals would feel about these puppies. Also, good luck on feeding the multitudes. Been there, done that and is a wonderful way to describe it. Hugs...

Erin @ Wild Whispers

Puppy looks great! way to knit, friend!

no spring chicken

Two hundred people? I think I've missed something...

Yes, I do get the urge to sit and craft when I'm over the top busy. I think my body is rebelling and looking for an out clause.

That puppy is a heart warmer... it's definitely the sweet face, you did a wonderful job! I'll be checking back to see if anyone has advice for securing the knot. I too have always struggled with that one and just do the same thing you did. Maybe that's really all there is TO do.

Blessings, Debbie

Andria Green

Oh my goodness your puppy is adorable! Job well done I'd say.


He is go cute! And what is even better, there is no feeding or cleaning- just the cuddling :)


I love his sweet little face!

I'm with you on feeding crowds, it's a love/hate relationship! My favorite go to meal is bbq, rice and hash, you get a lot of food for the time put in. Have fun.


yes, that always happens to me! My busiest times are when I really feel a need to create, sometimes so much that its painful.

I love your little puppy, such a precious little face!


Your puppy is the cutest! I love his little face. I always find more distractions where there is more to do... I mean, I agree about being more creative when there is more going on. ;-)


You did a really beautiful job of stitching on the facial features, that is one adorable puppy and is sure to be well loved : ) And yes I too long to sit and stitch or read awhile on those busy days. Guess it means we're all doing a little too much..? x

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