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February 14, 2012


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Lovely solution! My address book is kind of getting messy. I haven't run out of space yet. I also keep old books too.

Heather G

I love that address book! It makes me want to buy one even though we keep our addresses on a spreadsheet. I'm such a paper and pen type of girl. I buy a new planner every year even though I'm terrible about using them. And I might have an obsession with journals--although having children has curbed that a bit. :) Also, you've made me curious about your lifelong project...will you tell us soon?


What a great idea. Since I make books, I think this one shall be on my to-do list. Thanks for the idea. (I also keep address books)I'm in the process of sorting, cutting, tossing and designing a new recipe album for ALL of my recipes. Some are originals from Nannie, Aunt Lucille, mom, family and friends.(I can't give up the handwritten ones from years ago) Didn't realize I had so many. Hugs....and Happy Valentine's Day

Kate @ Lady Bird

I am curious about this life long project that involves stamps and pens. It sounds like it is destined to be inspiring. The address book is lovely and quite a brilliant idea.


What a pretty idea!
I usually throw old things away as I have so many papers to deal with as it is [self employed husband].


I have tried writing into a new address book to replace the messy and somewhat obsolete one we have; I started about three years ago and have not finished. I have, however, printed mailing labels (Christmas cards when we get to sending them). These do not, of course, include telephone numbers or e mail addresses. The "rolodex" solution makes sense. How did you get so smart?


You just described my address book :) I love your new one, may have to start cleaning mine up now.


Thanks for sharing this store...great idea! (I wish I would have had this during our big Valentine card mailing :)


uuuh yeah, there are some address books like you mentioned around here... your solution to it is so wonderful and pretty!
btw, the back cover of the right book on the first picture is it "Griffin & Sabine"? I love those books!

Erin @ Wild Whispers

Lovely! I had that same griffin and Sabine address book for years! Love it! Our address book is a mish mash of a whole bunch of things I never ever use. I hope to get settled in the new house and really update it for good!

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