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January 06, 2012


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Never heard of this game, but it looks like it's gotten great reviews. Are my kiddos old enough?


An intriguing game. I hope it was a fun one! Have a great weekend, Ellen!


Kristen - there's a lot of strategical thinking involved. Rulemaking,yes. The others no. We cleaned up our game cupboard. Have a few games your kids might enjoy.


Kristen -Rulemaking should actually say Rylen. My computer's word bank changed it ! :)


I have a few here that would love playing! I have never heard of this before so thanks for the recommendation. Oh, and while I'm placing an order, [for the children of course] I might have to slip a book in for me!
Have a great weekend.

Knitty Gritty Homestead

Love the colours and the potential of fun to be had!
Thanks for stopping by; my moment was taken on New Year's eve. We took the kids sliding, had sparklers and fireworks...magical!


I just bought that game for our family!

amanda {the habit of being}

fun! i'd love to hear how they like the was something i've considered buying but was on the fence :)


Amanda - we have the original version and love it. This version adds a few new twists making it a little harder. We're liking this one too. Brings out the competitive edge in everyone! :) The only complaint is that it is for 5 players only (they may have an extension, not sure), but if a younger child wants to play than an older child or adult could pair up and play as one player.

campbell @ tumbledweeds

LOVE this picture -- great shot. Also, what a great moment. Thanks for sharing.

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