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January 18, 2012


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ellen, i love LOVE your red and white striped blanket, it reminds me so much of the hanna anderson stripes my babies used to wear.
it's a funny image knitting unraveling itself, i am pictureing my knitting/crafting studio coming to life as in one of those stop action films. hee hee.
i think the icord will be infinetly faster than the spool knit cord though, better to stick with the original plan.
it's going to be so lovely when it's done, and i'm sure it will be soon!


I totally understand the conflict between reading and knitting! But your book choices are great. I love reading mythology to my 8th grade students... there's certainly never a dull moment!


The blanket is coming out very nice. Thanks for the laugh about the clutterites! I love that term! Too funny


I like that varying strip pattern. It makes the blanket fun to look at!


And yes! to the other comments about Downton Abbey!


My knitting has been like that this week. And I really need to finish (it's just a little hat!) - but instead I rather enjoy reading about everybody else's knitting and reading.. :)


Boy oh Boy do I have projects like that! Looks fantastic. As for that book, it sounds great! I'll have to check it out for the kiddos!


I have a baby blanket doing that exact same thing to me right now.


I just got back from HABIT -- you nailed it and made me cry! That was super, Ellen!


I keep thinking that I will knit a blanket for Silas, but it keeps not happening....You're almost finished!!

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