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January 18, 2012


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I have had knitting like that too and wondered if it was just me! It is a pretty blanket though so hopefully you'll finish soon! :)


haha, many projects that are unraveling. I looks really good, one 2 hour movie to complete it maybe?


I definitely have projects that unravel themselves while I sleep! I think the key is willpower and just getting it done, easier said than done I realise!


Blanket is coming along. Very lucky babies indeed. Have you watched Downton Abbey? You could finish the first blanket and probably knit the most of the second while watching Season One.


How wonderful the "Habit of Being" was to read. If only more mothers-to-be could read this before bundles arrive. Very beautifully written and the pictures were equally as awesome. Thank you and hugs...


It's a fantastic blanket and I love the stripey ness of it! I bet you that you'll have it finished today.

Kate @ Lady Bird


The blanket is just beautiful! I agree with the other commenter - one season of Downton Abbey and you will be squared away!


Love the random stripes of the blanket!!! And loved your Habit post! Nice job.

You've been quite busy. Am also enamored with the little quilts! One of these days I'll get the old "Brother" out again!


Thanks for the recommendation of Downton Abbey - I'll have to look for it!


Love the baby blanket, I'm sure you'll soon finish it..........try watching a really good edgy thriller, apparently according to some study or other, we knit faster while watching exciting or edgy, I just tend to get a nervous or overexcited and drop stitches.

The history book you're reading sounds very much like today.........bloody battles, jealousy, lust and ladies in flimsy tops. Love the fact that you drew a fetching top over Achilles mother's assetts.......hilarious.

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