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December 21, 2011


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I hope you don't mean you are taking time off from your Blog. I look forward to it every morning. The duffers look really good, and yes, I have read Sarah's Key. It was very good but of course, sad; I learned about the Vel d'Hiver which is a piece of history I never knew about. The book has been made into a movie recently.

Keep knitting!


The duffers look so good I may have to make myself a pair! I love the blue and black combo also. Have a Merry Christmas!


I love those duffers- it might be just the slipper pattern I've been looking for. :)

amanda {the habit of being}

love those sweet slippers!!!

and i haven't read Sarah's Key but I recently saw the movie and really enjoyed it.

Erin @ Wild Whispers

I love the duffers! A suggestion? If they are too big, send them for a bath in a warm wash cycle then put them through the hot dryer. My daughter made a pair, we felted them carefully and she thought she loved them until I accidentally washed and dried them... they fit better than ever!


I love the look of the slippers! I cannot believe they were the same size before and after....weird! You seem to be getting a lot done in your knitting, go you!!


Oh I love those duffers! I may have to try some of those. They look so cozy!
Merry Christmas to you and your family, Ellen! Wishing you much joy!


Those duffers are really cool :) They look very comfortable!


how cute are your slippers! it seems like the knitted pair (before felting) would shrink so much smaller, so strange.
merry merry christmas ellen, your mom is so sweet.


Those duffers are killing beautiful! I love your color selections. So glad they worked out to your liking.

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