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October 17, 2011


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Lots of cloud shifting going on here too. And that maid is MIA around my house as well. The nerve!


My maid has been MIA too, what gives?
Thanks for the tip for the chick peas and sweet potato tagine, it is on my menu for Wednesday night, so I think I will prepare it on Tuesday. xx


hey! my maid is missing too. maybe it's all part of some crazy blog conspiracy to get rid of our maids!

i love your collection of photos. so lovely!


Such a beautiful way to start a Monday morning...reading and looking at your peaceful displays thru pictures. Enjoy each day to its fullest. Thanks and Hugs...

barefoot mama

If you find the maid can you give her my email address....haha! Love your photos! Barefoot Mama, TX


I just saw that turban squash for the first time this morning!! At the grocery would you buy it again?
Gorgeous photos, love the impromptu walk, what a beautiful place you live in!

So it seems all of our maids are missing... mine in fact, never shows up...
have a great monday..


Oh and I forgot to answer you that no we haven't started the explorer book yet, just thumbing through...I like it though, looks like it could be loads of fun!


MJ - the turban squash reminded me of acorn. I prefer butternut or delicata, but this was good. I think acorn might be easier to cut and since it's smaller, you can make individual size portions vs cutting up the entire squash into pieces like I did.


I loved your dusty, but oh so beautiful greeting.

amanda {the habit of being}

if you find your maid, send her my way! i've never tried the turban squash... wondering if the family would like it. we love butternut and spaghetti squash but it might be fun to try something new.

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