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October 10, 2011


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I love your new shoes! I found a new to me pair this weekend too while thrifting! I can thrift all day! The mall? Not for an hour!
I think it is fantastic when children are excited to learn and that is one impressive stack of material for science!xx


I'm interested in seeing how the walnuts turn out. We have a bunch in our yard. And Beck's hat is cool. heck the bolo was the height of men's fashion in the 1800's and it served Charlie Chaplin well. maybe he's trying to revive it. :)


Seems like you has quite a productive week! Love the shoes (and camo socks :)...and Rylen loves her new boots. Thanks! I can't wait to see your purple knitting project - Wednesday perhaps?


While in England, we ate these same pocket delights and the Brits called them "pasties." They are wonderful...have you tried a harty sausage with onion and peppers? Of course, I remember how you use to wear unique hats as did my own Emily. It's a statement of one's individual personhood. In fact, Amy's second child is referred to as a "young Ellen." I love it!! Hugs...


I just finished a purple knitting project, too (: That natural dye book looks lovely--i just put it on hold at the library--thanks for the tip!

amanda {the habit of being}

can't wait to see how your walnuts do! and is that a purple cowl i spy?


I do not think I will ever tire of seeing purple projects! Love the hat :D


My mom brings her rosemary inside all winter and enjoys it year-round. And I'm with you -- basil ranks #1 in my book too.


I love it when I clean my desk off but like you said it might not last long :)

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