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September 13, 2011


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I see you're a professional cook! No wonder everything looks wonderful. I would love to have a pal to cook with. Sometimes my husband joins me....But when the kids jump in to help, my little kitchen gets too crowded.


I love cooking with my husband too. Mine isn't much for cleaning up, but he does make the most amazing chocolate chip cookies. He is also the man who loves to slow cook any 'meat' on his outdoor cooker he built. Sometimes it's hard being the only vegetarian in the house!xx


Now that we are retired, Dick helps with the cooking which is great because cooking two different ways is time consuming. Being lactose and gluten sensitive, making two different meals can become an all day project so having a bit of help not only cuts down on kitchen time, it can strengthen relationships. Hugs...


I am in love with that book too! Last night my husband and I chopped and froze a bunch of peppers from the garden--a task I wasn't really looking forward to, but turned out to be so fun and satisfying. Good to work together in the kitchen, knowing we're nourishing our family. Your creations look delicious!


Jodi - I'm not a professional cook! We catered as amateurs and learned a lot during the process. Just like to cook and bake - an art form.

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