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March 14, 2009


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Very cute idea and beautiful execution! I love your choice of fabrics ;) I think "grown ups" would like it, too, to keep tissues or an extra pair of socks for cold nights!


This is great! Was it a pattern or your own genius? My girls would love it! (Although I would need to add about 10 pockets each...!)


Ack!!!! What an awesome idea!!! I'm going to have to copy you because my little one often wakes up at night because he can't find his baby! This is soooo great Ellen!

ellen kelley

These are just wonderful..I am thinking about one for me with some lavender sachet in the little pocket. Sweet and fantastic, Ellen.


what a great idea!!
a great idea for my little one.
*found you through a friend to knit with
I'm enjoying your blog.


What a fabulous idea! My children sleep with way too many of these things!


That is such a great idea! Maybe THAT will keep the favorite stuffed animal from falling out of bed in the night! :o)

Jennifer Becker

Great execution Ellen!

Lisa Q

This is adorable...I have a little guy who would love a pillowcase for his buddy! Thanks for sharing.


hey, great idea! i'm always nervous that otis will spend his time playing instead of sleeping, but i'm slowly learning to let go and let him be. he would definitely love something like this for his treasures.

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