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February 28, 2009


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Your mobile looks very lovely. Great job! I'm sure your swap partner will be very pleased!


of course she will like it, because it is beautiful. i was looking at some mobiles kids had made in kindergarten and was thinking i would like to give it a try... but i have never come around to doing it. i feel your wonderful work is just the push i needed to get to work.

i like it because it is springly, but not sugary and irritatingly cute. the color black makes it so stylish. thanks for sharing beautiful art!


Tell her I think those puppies are just the cutest!

Art Cant Hurt

YES! Your 'swap partner' LOVES IT!
Oh my goodness, I think I startled my kids when I saw the big envelope - I got so excited and then upset with myself at the same time because I have NOT sent my mobile to MY swap partner!
The birds are lovely and oh-so-detailed but it's the nice punch of green that makes my day. And it dances beautifully!
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You've helped to make my very first blog-swapping-experience such a joy! And now I'm off to box & ship my own fanciful creation to another.
p.s. not only am I thankful for the special momento this mobile is but I am thoroughly tickled to have found your blog! I will visit as often as I can - the best to you and yours!!!


my daughter and i LOVE this idea!


Thanks, everyone for such sweet words! Smile.

Apple Cyder

this is really nice. and i love how happyit made your partner!


You did a fantastic job on this! And as much as I love the mobile I love the shadows it casts on the wall! And my favorite picture of it is the one that's blurry - as if the bird is really in flight!

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