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June 05, 2012


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Ahhh! Now your this moment post from Friday makes sense! x


We have not made the green one yet. But the all fruit ones are loved by me and my husband. My son could only eat/drink 1/3 of it before handing it off. Oh well, he tried it!!


I love Kale but not sure I could handle it in a drink. We all like fruit smoothies! I believe if a child who is a picky eater enjoys green smoothies, by all means, continue making them. That's one way to get nutritious food in them. Amy/Matt do the "Jessica Seinfeld" recipes for the girls. Two out of three are very picky eaters. Hugs...


See . . . you have a nice blender. I thought it was just my cheap-o blender that wasn't doing its job with the texture.

Strawberries & blueberries will turn it ugly colors, but they are tasty. Try with just the white or yellow fruits next time for that bright green color. My kids love them with pineapple.


My basic recipe:

coconut milk
froz banana
a few froz berries
big handful of spinach

Tastes good, but the color is kind of blech! :)


I am a daily juicer. My mid morning drink is:

Romaine Lettuce
1 apple
1 lemon
a piece of ginger

an apple
a lemon
fresh mint

Fresh pineapple
mix with seltzer water if desired


We juice and smoothie it up here daily. You might want to try spinach in place of the kale next time, it is a little milder to start with. Add just a little and increase as you get used to it.

Our fav smoothie at the moment is pineapple, mango, raspberries, some kind of green, hemp seeds, coconut water and bee pollen - delish!

And juice we usually do some greens, carrots, pears, beets and celery with a little bit of ginger and lemon.



Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions, Everyone! Now I'll have to try out other veggies and fruit combinations.

Tracey - I like the ginger & lemon addition.

Kim - bee pollen? I've heard of this but where do you buy it? And coconut water - didn't think of that - good idea.


Thanks everyone for all the suggestions, now the kids and I will get to enjoy taste testing the inspiration you have provided Ellen:)

no spring chicken

I'm ashamed to say that I've never tried a green smoothie. It's not that I think that it looks distasteful, I just haven't done it. I see the benefits and feel inspired... O.K., I'll do it!!

Blessings, Debbie

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